Spook Squad by Jordan Castillo Price

PsyCop, #7

Everyone enjoys peace and tranquility, and Victor Bayne is no exception. He goes to great lengths to maintain a harmonious home with his partner, Jacob. Although the cannery is huge, it’s grown difficult to avoid the elephant in the room…the elephant with the letters FPMP scrawled on its hide.

Once Jacob surrendered his PsyCop badge, he infiltrated the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program. In his typical restrained fashion, he hasn’t been sharing much about what he actually does behind its vigilantly guarded doors. And true to form, Vic hasn’t asked. In fact, he would prefer not to think about the FPMP at all, since he’s owed Director Dreyfuss an exorcism since their private flight to PsyTrain.

While Vic has successfully avoided FPMP entanglement for several months, now his debt has finally come due.

"I didn't ask, since I knew full well that bailing out my dealer was a profoundly stupid idea."

How depressing the best book in the series is the last.

A shame not to see any more of these characters and the stunning world-building, unless the author decides to revisit, but she did end up most of the story-lines satisfactorily.

The main focus of the series has been the main character, Victor. That may sound like an obvious, duh statement, but actually not really. Most Urban Fantasy series have an overlying main goal about the world or a situation, but with Victor - while he has to solve individual cases and decide who to align with - the series is all about him evolving from his haunting past and finally seeking self-growth in the end. Most series have that as a side story online, not as the main purpose of the books joined together.

I've seen some reviews complain about the lack of steamy scenes between Jacob and Vic in this book and the last few, but this doesn't personally bother me. There were so many of those scenes in the first few books that I kind of overdosed on them anyway. I sense the close bonds of the pair without needing the book to be so erotically heavy.

As for the final changes in the end, I was a little less than happy. I'm glad Vic made a change with work but I wasn't happy a certain main character was leaving. I wanted him to personally stay there and didn't care for that change. Actually it meant two mains were leaving, which was sad. I hate goodbyes.

The storyline wasn't the strongest of the series but it was still rocking, but it went out there a bit. I'm a paranormal and fantasy fan but once you get into dimensions and science-fiction tropes, you have to be careful it stays interesting instead of overly ambitious. If it gets too technical I can get bored, and skim, which has happened a few times in the series and this book.

I still love the author's writing style. She's always been good but I've seen a progression over the books to where she's improving. The humor and quirkiness from every day life was appreciated and will be missed.

Overall a great book to finish the series - but I'm crossing my fingers it won't be the last after all.

   Book Quotes:

“We’ll need you to unlock your desk, sir.”
“Sorry,” Dreyfuss said. “Not until I’ve read this form.”
“You haven’t…looked at it.”
“And I’m a very slow reader. Sometimes I wonder if I’m dyslexic.”