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February is double the birthday month - first for me on the 22nd (of course I shall not reveal my age without threats), then for this website which has its first post date back to February 8, 2007. Life has changed quite a bit for me since 2007, but I'm happy to see this site is still here and that my enthusiasm for reading continues to grow as I do.

Besides birthday celebrations spicing up February, I indulged in the first month of the AMMP Group (from Goodreads) Fairy Tale theme where I'm modding over the 'Enchanted Forest'. Yes, being a book dork has its perks... Considering how short February is, I still read more than usual, but that's not only due to trying to get a head-start on the five month team challenge - I have discovered the Jane Yellowrock series and fell head over heels.  I've now read every full-length novel published for the series, am about to start the anthology, and eagerly await the newest release this year in May. This will definitely be considered a top favorite newly discovered series of 2018.

February was also the first official meet of our new local book club, The Grim Readers. It was just the four of us to start since the fifth couldn't make it, although in March we're set for three more. Lost Boy, Lost Boy by Peter Straub was covered and good times had by all. Having the book club is turning out to be a big treat - here's hoping it continues well!

New Bookish Buys (Formerly Mailbox Monday)

Not showing the Jane Yellowrock 11 book series since I put it on the read list below.

Most of these were random deals that I picked up as E-Books. With the Jane Yellowrock series, not on sale but that I was addicted to, ended up spending a decent amount on books in February!

Last Month's Reading Recap

I think this is the most I've ever read in February. It's a shorter month already, but I was in a mega reading mood when I snatched up some interesting mysteries. It really took off when I read the first book of the Jane Yellowrock series, which I instantly fell in love with and had to devour the full 11 book series in a row. Love when that happens but now I have a bit of a book series hangover!

Lost Boy, Lost Girl was the book club book for February; I've always wanted to read A Stir of Echoes after enjoying the movie Kevin Bacon starred in so much; the first two Abby Coopers were re-reads - the series is such fun, will finish it all probably; The Gutter and the Grave ended up being a top favorite Hard Case Crime and the best I've read of that line for a few years; Three Bedrooms and One Corpse was the best I've read of the Teagarden series and gives me hope it will be better than I figured; Kale to the Queen and Lord of the Pies were fun intros to a new series with only two books in it so far; and Jane Yellowrock rocks!!

What I'm Watching and Listening to (Formerly Tune-In Tuesdays)

Since I had such a reading heavy month, I didn't watch much TV in February, but I did finally watch Justice League with my son, which was better than I figured it would be.

Plastic Exchanges is my new random mix on 8Tracks - Inconclusion and A Secret place were my two favorite tracks from Strangeland years ago as a teenager, even if I didn't like the movie I had to appreciate the music. Wrapped in Plastic by Manson was always a favorite for me and something I consider underrated from the band's first album. It's an acquired taste.

Favorite Instagram Moments

February was a heavy Instagram month for me since I joined several bookish themes. Valentine's Day and hearts were popular props but since I was mainly planning Mysteries for the month I had to tie everything in together somehow. Not all pictures turned out the way I wanted of course, but some surprised me and it was fun playing with my new prop of the Breakfast tray.
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It's hard to get photos and art with my camera, but this was one of my favorites with the artwork on the background showing a dark/light comparison image my friend bought me years back.

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I was happy to get the full series (almost) of Diary of a Wimpy Kid for free as well, and picked up a few cheap mugs that went with the pictures and my growing latte at home addiction. These M&M Cookies from 7-11 are delicious!

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I really enjoyed Anna Dressed in Blood in January, and will be reading the sequel in March. Surprisingly fun and intriguing books.

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Around the Book World: Random Dream Spots

Found from this pin

I'd love a built-in reading nook with a window and a view, but this is one of the cases where a nook built in a small corner without being built into the wall and without a view work just as well. Love the cozy feel, colors and layout.