April 28, 2018 Dewey Readathon TBR Pile

I originally had this in the Progress post, but that's just getting too long (and the day isn't even here yet..)

Original TBR Pile Plans

Tentative TBR Plan (3 Audiobooks to choose from (Fairy Books), some Children's Books, and Random.)

Links go to Goodreads Synopsis/Book Pages.

Obviously I won't read all of these, but a bigger stack just in case is better so I can fit with whatever mood I happen to be in.  The TBR pile is more YA than usual since I need to read a lot of that genre for the month of May for a group challenge theme.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins - The first book in a YA series with somewhat mixed reviews, but I can't resist the paranormal or the school setting. Almost 4 star ratings and mixed with magic and vampires and various paranormals, so I'm tempted.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo - Everyone, their cousin AND their grandmother keeps telling me to get to this one already. I notice it's on a few TBR piles from others shared posts. It's a larger one so I have no idea how much of this I'll read, but I'm determined to at least start it. And hey, cool cover right? Let's just hope it lives up to its rep.

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas - YA. It sounds intriguing - I love small town morbidity twists and drama. From the synopsis I have some theories of things that may go down, but it's hard to say without revealing with reviews and spoilers, but I'll resist and just try the book myself.

Blood Oath by Raye Wagner - M/M Romance for when I need something different! A big unexpected perk is it has a Main Page Genre of Young Adult so it will fit for May's theme goals anyway. Dragons and 322 pages...Hmm, may be one of the first I try depending on my reading vibe that day.

Exhale by Joel Abernathy - M/M Romance without the YA Tag - I can't read YA all day, after all! Another interesting sounding Kindle Unlimited borrow that's just under 300 pages and sounds twisted. Crossing fingers.

Changeling by Amanda Meuwissen - The second book in the Incubus series, finished the first book last week when I signed up for Kindle Unlimited. Enjoying the program so far! Since the first book was great fun, I'm looking forward to diving into the sequel. I have the third as well but will likely not start it Saturday (depending on if cliffhangers are out there tempting me...)

Gone by Michael Grant - YA again. This one is highly recommended by Stephen King, although that's not necessarily a guarantee since I don't always agree with his favorite lists. Still, it's a long-running series and I love when I fall head-over-heels with those, and the synopsis sounds intriguing. The reviews are slightly mixed but I'm still hoping it's a strong start to a series I'll end up sticking with. Plus I do need more Dystopia in my life - don't we all?

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan - After becoming a big fan of Percy Jackson last year and grabbing some of the sequel box sets for Christmas, I'm happy to start another one of the follow-up series. It's a biggie and I'm not sure how much I'll read of it Saturday, but the middle-age genre proves to be a fast, fun and humorous read. Simple but I love Riordan's writing style and sense of light adventure.

The Violet / Grey / Lilac Fairy Books - There are three books, and I'm not sure which I'll listen to yet. These are the Audiobook selections. I'm trying to complete all of the colored Rainbow Fairy Books by Andrew Lang - have wrapped up six of them so far, have six left. I need the Audiobooks for waking up, moving around and eye strain breaks. Short fairy tales divided into groupings sound like the perfect fit for the day.

The Spiderwick Chronicles #1, 2, 4, 5 - Four books, children age. I've had these for years and enjoyed what I've read of them - need to finally read this officially.

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini - A Young Adult book my friend loaned me years ago - it has good reviews but is one of many she's loaned me I just never get around to. It has good reviews too, so we shall see if I finally start it! It is a physical book so can be another one for the bath if I decide to do the hours long bubble thing again. Depends how early in the day!