Dewey's 24 Hr Readathon - April 28th

It's almost that time again!

April 28 will be the first 24-Hr Readathon of the year hosted by Dewey. They usually have another in October. I'm happy to be participating again this year.

Progress Notes and other Details will be in a separate post.

Looks like my time this year will again be 8:00 am Saturday.

No, I never manage to read a full 24 hours straight, and listen to audiobooks more than usual during this time period so I can do the proper morning wake-up and keeping the body circulating (must rest these aging eyes!) Still, it's SO much fun - joining in on the hourly updates, food and snack planning, instagram posts, getting caught up on reading, Twitter parties, Facebook group enthusiasm, the Goodreads group -- yep, social media comes into play with the book blogging community to make this event even better. At least this year I know I won't have camera woes where I have to interrupt the readathon to go and buy another cell phone. *facepalm* 

Miscellaneous Posts and Links as part of the Fun: