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April had a lot going on for it reading wise.

Starting in April and Going Through May

SYNC Audiobook Program again - free audiobooks every week
Technically for 13+ and YA, Teen age -- eligible for all who sign up.
I did last year and will be participating again this year.

Upcoming in May:

  • Great American Reads TV Show Premiers May 22
  • Free Comic Book Day May 5th (Over by the time of this post :/)

Personal wise, I finally caved and am trying Kindle Unlimited - addicted to my Paperwhite lately.

Our monthly book club read the mixed Sharp Objects, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. We have changed our meeting spot from the local coffeeshop to a local burger diner due to outdoor seating room and alcohol availability! ;)

New Bookish Buys (Formerly Mailbox Monday)

I picked up a Subscription to Kindle Unlimited finally, and some free e-books, but the above are the ones I purchased separately. Finally the new Jane Yellowrock has arrived!

Last Month's Reading Recap

A busy reading month! Went through some Colored Fairybook audio for a change, as well as some non-fiction, romance, fantasy, and miscellaneous.

What I'm Watching and Listening to (Formerly Tune-In Tuesdays)


Since I had such a reading heavy month, I didn't watch much TV in February, but I did finally watch Justice League with my son, which was better than I figured it would be.

Plastic Exchanges is my new random mix on 8Tracks - Inconclusion and A Secret place were my two favorite tracks from Strangeland years ago as a teenager, even if I didn't like the movie I had to appreciate the music. Wrapped in Plastic by Manson was always a favorite for me and something I consider underrated from the band's first album. It's an acquired taste.

Favorite Instagram Moments

Pretty much everything on Instagram this month was due to the prompts and hourly updates from the Dewey 24-Hour Read-a-thon

Most were quick snapshots caught in the moment and not too carefully planned with fun photo "extra props" and such, but nothing too groundbreaking either. Still, it was a fun way to update because pictures really do make things like this better.

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A post shared by Erin (@paperbackstash) on

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    Around the Book World: Random Dream Spots

    I don't know the source of this since the Pinterest link is now inactive -- I've never been one for bathing in front of a window, but considering how high up this looks, how private, and that VIEW, who could resist really? Looks blissful.

    As always, I can only dream...