Reader's Shopping Fun 2018

It's been awhile since I made a new list of bookish and reader treats that make my wallet cringe and my bookworm soul yearn. I keep finding random and fun bookish things. So many candle options but I'm cheap! Or poor, whichever.

I did cave and order an IT-related candle - right now the seller is offering a free Loser's Club Button if you do so - and I think it would be a nice pin to wear to the book club. Have to let the inner bookworm dork out full force sometimes, right? World beware.

Get Fictional does literary themed and styled candles. Love the idea behind it, as well as the classic horror options, and the pricing/sizing options. There are plenty I wanted to grab, but for now I picked up Dracula and Pennywise 4 oz. options.

As a cute aside, the candles come with wax seals on the containers.

I have fallen in love with sea and woods scents, so this one blending Sea Salt with "Moonlit night" and Transylvanian forest - can't resist. Plus look at that cute seal!!

Pennywise blending Rain with apples and caramel - let's go to the creepy carnival?

And yes, I always want a balloon!

I know I've mentioned The Great American Read quite a bit on this blog. They have a store as well, and while I don't usually invest in bookish socks, these are particularly nifty:

7.99 at PBS

Speaking of IT, this Australian store makes custom Wooden Bookmarks. Check out Ink & Wonder for all the literary options.

I love the options and pricing for The Melting Library. They have a wide variety of fanbase and general reading candles. This one is 7.50, one day hopefully this one shall also be mine.

The Soap Librarian is all about the bathtub fun with books - from salts to shower washes to Soaps (In book shapes!) - Find the website here.

A Stranger Dream on Etsy offers a large variety of book paperdoll bookmarks - how cute! A lot of them are horror related, including Stephen King and Universal Monsters. Must get that creature from the black lagoon...

Rather Keen offers a nice selection off bookish pins and buttons. They're beyond cute and tempting.