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Unfortunately the well-respected author Brian Keene was in a Brushfire accident on June 5th, which resulted in burns on his face and body. I'm sorry to hear this news. Fans have started a GoFundMe account that has already almost reached its goal in only one day to help with medical costs. Keene has acquired a lot of fans and support amongst the author and reader community over the years. Here is the author's official website. My prayers that Mr. Keene makes a full, swift recovery. We're all in your corner.

Going back to more emotionally-neutral news, the free summer YA Audiobook program is still continuing with the annual SYNC Audiobook Program - 2 downloads per week free, they only last one week before the chance expires. Don't miss it.

Finally The Great American Read premiere episode has aired and after I waited months for it to finally get here, I'm happy to say it wasn't at all disappointing. The 2 hour video is free to stream on their website here. I've been having fun voting daily for a variety of favorites, although of course I'm starting to confuse myself already. :) Now to just wait for the Fall episode. 

I found through browsing the Twitter grapevine that the adorable and talented Chloe Lukasiak has started her own virtual book club, joining with Barnes N' Noble and updating on Instagram with colorful pictures. While this month she's reading the newly released #FromTwinkleWithLove by @sandhyamenonbooks, she in the past has included favorite classics such as The Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies. While it's not a BRAND new club, it's new to Me, so I'm announcing it as new anyway. See what I did there? Either way, I'm loving these virtual book club ideas and think it's a fun idea. I browsed the Instagram account a few minutes ago and had fun with the creative pictures and reader comments.

Personal wise, I finally caved and am trying Kindle Unlimited - addicted to my Paperwhite lately.

Our monthly book club read the mixed Sharp Objects, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. We have changed our meeting spot from the local coffeeshop to a local burger diner due to outdoor seating room and alcohol availability! ;)

New Bookish Buys (Formerly Mailbox Monday)

I picked up a Subscription to Kindle Unlimited finally, and some free e-books, but the above are the ones I purchased separately. Finally the new Jane Yellowrock has arrived!

Last Month's Reading Recap

I think I read more this month than any other in 2018. Fun month! My theme was YA but I read a lot of romance due to Kindle Unlimited being a new thing to me and mood reading.

What I'm Watching and Listening to (Formerly Tune-In Tuesdays)

My newest Rock Hodge-Podge playlist, starting with one of my favorite songs, Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins.

I mainly read in May, but was excited to see Masterchef and America's Got Talent return. My son and I rewatched the new version of Stephen King's IT and the Tron remake.

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    Around the Book World: Random Dream Spots

    I discovered this while browsing today - The Library Hotel in New York, New York. I loved staying at the Hotel Rex in San Francisco - now this is on the top of my dream vacation station. 60 Floors of themes woven around the Dewey Decimal system, huge windows, themed rooms, a nifty bar (check the gallery on the website), gorgeous views on all levels outside. Sigh, bliss.

    As always, I can only dream...