24in48 Hr Read-a-thon, July 21-22

July 21 - 22, 2018

This is the first time I'll be participating in the 24-in-48 hour. As much as I enjoy the 24 hr Dewey, I think this one will have a bonus - you don't have to worry about getting a full night's sleep and doing some other stuff as long as 24 hours is done in the two days. Both types of read-a-thons have their perks!

As I did with Dewey this year, I'm going to track on a Google Spreadsheet and then update. Not sure the hours I'll do yet but it will NOT be morning :)  Things I need to remember - every 3 hrs, a new post will publish on their blog with either a challenge or check-in. The Hour 0 challenge is intro survey, end hour exit survey. Prize pack eligibility requires keeping exact tracking of time. Challenges: every six hours (6,12,18,24).

Official Website, Twitter Tag: #24in48, Instagram & Facebook Tag: #24in48


The First Hour is Here - Midnight at Eastern Time!  'The Witching Hour'

I don't plan on really reading before bed tonight, but I'm going to do the opening survey since I'm  up watching Lucifer anyway and I wouldn't want to miss some of the first official hour.

I'm opening up the blog post here by sharing a picture I shared on Social Media earlier with Twitter and Instagram. Say hello to my new literary candles from Get Fiction - aren't they adorable? And who can resist the IT Related Loser's club button?

I will be updating here, on Twitter and Instagram. Not planning Facebook other than a random group comment, and no Goodreads group for this one.

After a few hours last night messing around and using up almost 3 hours of the 8 hours left of the weekend that don't include sleep and reading, went to bed at 2:40 AM for some snoozing.

Update One: Woke after 8 hours and 20 minutes of sleep - yowza but nicely rested - popped in an Audiobook of this beauty while doing some dishes and kitchen walking to wake up. Now updating on the computer and chillaxing. Coffee is brewing and I'm tempted to sneak into breakfast early even though my son has not risen (he stayed up much later than me I'm sure...)

First Book Update
I discovered an unpleasant surprise when opening the Overdrive app on my phone - all my free audiobooks from the previous Sync summer programs have been deleted since reformatting my phone. All gone! Goodbye 'Johnny Got Your Gun'. Thankfully I have installed this audiobook since last week and have it to listen to. I'm not an Audiobook fan but they are crucial for me to survive these Readathon events.

And......Mermaids. Who doesn't love them?

The narrator is unusually gifted and even I keep paying attention at crucial spots. The prologue opened on such a sad note, but we're now in the present on Chapter 6. It's a bit confusing to me that these chapters are doing time shifts, however, since it's already difficult for me to keep up with audiobooks.

"In keeping you safe, I serve science. And myself."

Clicking on the book pictures in these updates will bring you to the Goodreads page for the book. Isn't the cover gorgeous? I'd had this one on my wishlist for years, so was delighted to pick up a free audiobook form this week just in time.

Hour 12 Host Challenge: A Whole New World

For this challenge, share a book that has expanded your worldview or changed the way you look at something, whether it’s another culture, gender, race, a new concept, social justice issues…the possibilities are endless.

Oh, there would be tons of these, now I just need to figure out a favorite to use for this challenge.

I'm going to go with a classic, Of Mice and Men, one of my favorite classic stories. Grim, unapologetic with its commentary on class division and the bleak realities that it's not possible for all to climb the American Dream ladder, it made me think outside myself of the different circumstances the characters faced. Intelligence and misjudgment delays, a woman who doesn't get a name due to her identify of being a woman being enough to provide her commentary, the unfairness of racism, the disregard of the infirm and elderly. A depressing but genuine story.

This was my first book by Steinbeck and since then I have read a few others that are almost as powerful - I look forward to reading the rest of his collection someday. East of Eden beckons soon.

The author looked at the world without any rose-colored glasses, and his books have stood the test of time and earned the classic label for worthy reasons. Beyond being a book about social commentary, the book is daring to show that, just as their circumstances did not change despite any hopes and dreams in that directions, the characters themselves didn't really change either. Usually novels are about the evolving of a character, but this one stands as an anti-change novel to carry its ultimate message across.

Second Update

I'm still audiobooking at 1:22 PM Eastern Time. Man, Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Bowls are delicious - that hit the spot for an easy breakfast/brunch. I'm sipping on coffee - and soda - not being healthy here apparently. Sorana has had such a tragic life in Monstrous Beauty, and I'm holding out hope Ezra believes she didn't try to kill him and will be well after all. Have a bad feeling though. :/

Bonus of the Day!!

At 2 pm I switched to a physical book, the second novella in this collection, Secret Window, Secret Garden. I had seen this in theater years back with a friend, which was a funny story in its way since the man behind my friend kept making horrible noises and it was hard to concentrate. I know the movie wasn't that well received, but I thought it was interesting.

In the note before the story King talks about his theme of writer-centered stories - Misery about fans becoming obsessed with authors and their fiction world, The Dark Half started as writers becoming obsessed with their fiction, and this is a continuation of this theme inspired from a view out the window from his laundry room. He mentions he is sure readers are getting tired of this theme from him and it's probably his last story on the subject, but I'm not tired of it at all!

Strawberry shortcake treat - I'm happy we have seasons of these so cheap and easy to get in Florida. The tinned tea theme was a cheap set and not high quality that my mother got me for Christmas, but the strawberry tea (Blended here with a lemon tea) is refreshingly good! It's light and not at all artificial. The Do Not Disturb mask is a new thing I got for the bathroom during the remodel, I'm mainly going to use as a headband for baths - bangs and hanging hair are annoying at times.

Now at 3 pm taking a quick break in between planning my next things. Still need to do some trimming in mother's yard and go to the store. Not sure yet on the Bamboo blinds from Home Depot but really need to get that stuff done. Coffeeshop may be out for the day though. Hm.

Third Update

After a 15 minute downtime, 3:15 - 4:30 was yard work with Audiobook. 4:40 to 5:15 had me finished Dark Places by Gillian Sharp. 5:15 to 6 pm started and got to 33% of The Order. Then Audiobook with shopping break and dinner - yum!

I'm not ridiculously full after the steak with mushrooms/herbs and potato, but I ended up picking up a lot of other junk food - at least there's a day and a half left for this Readathon, sleep excluded.

I don't think this is turning out to be a calorie burning weekend for me...

Fourth Update

7:15 to 8:46 took a break from reading - had to finish season three of Lucifer, that finale though!

8:50 to 10:30 read and finished The Order. Progress!

11:05 to 1:10 read the first half of the new Curse of the Gods release, Strength.

I'm probably done for the night, did almost 10 1/2 hours. Was hoping to hit 12 but not a success on that. Still, has been fun!

Fifth Update

I ended up reading some more last night and didn't head to bed until after 4. Woke up after 1 - yikes!

Finished Strength by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington, third book down.

Now I'm trying to decide what to work on next. Whipped up a biscuit with the last of my Jabberwocky tea - the Alice in Wonderland cup is a cute fit with it.

I'm almost done with my audiobook but waiting until later to continue with it. Should finish that one today as well since I sensed I'm near the end. It's hard for me to tell with the Overdrive app.

As always, I underestimated how much I would get done but it's still been fun times.

I think I'm going to read a little of The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman next - I'm 13% in and it's a buddy read but I'm dragging my feet since I'm having trouble getting into the book. Same for Black Iris. Will either of these end up capturing my attention?

I also want to read more of Secret Window, Secret Garden sometime today and finish it. I took a cold mist shower to cool down and refresh, but maybe a warm bath later with the book would still work since I overindulge in the bathing stuff lately. #dontjudge -- just glad Florida doesn't have a water shortage, that's one good thing about this state. I figure I'm making up the difference with not having a dishwasher, keeping the showers short, and I only use the washing machine about once a week.

Books I'm still wanting to read some of (if not finish, at least partially):

  • Secret Window, Secret Garden - would still have two novellas left to finish the 930 page tome
  • The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman - heard it gets better, hope so
  • Black Iris - not a hard read but not catching my attention, a little over 10% in
  • Six of Crows - 7% in, good going as well but it hasn't hooked me yet.
  • Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles - 8% in, good writing, need to finish it, too many book juggling going on
  • Wolves of Black pine - 25% in, have read a lot of this one but it's a long one.

Still need to start:

  • Stronger than the Struggle: Uncomplicating your Spiritual Battle (Nonfiction/Christian)
  • Red's Alphas (Reverse Harem Romance)

Final Update

Done at 11 pm - I made 19 hours and 20 minutes, better than I figured. 4 books complete and progress on several more.


Red's Alphas - 2 stars
Strength by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington - 4 stars
The Order - 3 Stars
Dark Places (25%) - 2 Stars

Made Progress on:

Secret Window, Secret Garden - 45 pages
Monstrous Beauty - Several Hours (Audiobook)
Hounded - 8% to 20%
The Rules of Magic - 13% to 25%
Black Iris - 10% to 21%

Wrap-up: This was fun! I did better than I figured despite having other plans and will definitely join in on the next one.