Simon Schuster E-Book Discounting

This major publisher frequently discounts their E-books on Amazon, but not through promotion so it's easy to miss if you're not already aware of it. The sales appear to last for one week at a time, Sunday night through Monday, and they have been heavily discounting a lot of their older titles in all genre categories. Generally the books are at least two years old, but the discount is anywhere from free to 99 cents, before bumping back up to the usual pricing (which can be over $10.00).

The options vary, but it's a fun thing to keep an eye on so you won't miss discounts that are very rarely advertised or promoted otherwise.

On Amazon, choose the Kindle Store from the drop-down and simply type in Simon Schuster. From there choose E-books on the left-hand side, and browse by genre. A lot of goodies to be found. I also filtered at the top selection from Sort By: Price Low to High.

They have been a major retailer for quite some time, so there are a lot of options available to keep an eye on.