Bout of Books 5/13-5/19

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Monday, 5/13/2019

Books Read:  Bundle of Trouble by 
Total Books Finished Today: Sadly, 0
Pages: 193

I felt like I read pretty much all day, but it was broken up by work and distractions. I definitely didn't cover as much ground as I'd hoped I would, but it is an adorable and interesting book that's hard to put down. Unless the rest of it falls apart completely, it is looking to rate a solid 4.  It's a fun Cozy Mystery series that's well-constructed and holds together, even popping up some surprises every few chapters. Ah, how I've missed well done cozies. They seem to be popping up lately and reminding me why I used to love that sub-genre so.

It's bringing back memories of motherhood and newborns - appropriate a bit after Mother's Day just passed and my son turned 18 two weekends ago now (*sniffs*)

I wanted to start a re-read of the Morgan Kinglsey series by Jenna Black - it's been years and I want to see if I still enjoy those UF as much as I initially did.....but distractions. Work of course, but then had to go to parents and eat and talk to them a bit. Also had to talk to friend on phone twice, the second unexpected. And of course the 1  hour Twitter chat - I always make sure to make at least one of those, they're fun.

Things I learned on Twitter:  Usually I'm a bit more into the humor side, but I was in a somber mood today - it's easy to tell that from what I chose for the daily prompt intro.   I had a blast with the Twitter chat though.

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Daily Prompt for Twitter and Websites: Introduce yourself #insixwords

Tuesday, 5/14/2019

Books Read:  Some of the re-read for The Devil Inside Me
Total Books Finished Today: Zero - Ugh!

Unfortunately my time to read today was very limited. Work, co-worker lunch, friends after work, didn't get settled in until about 9:30 PM for some reading.

Update the next day - Got over 200 pages in after 9:30, so I can't call the day a complete reading failure.

Daily Prompt: Bookish Favorites


I have a lot of favorites, but can never narrow it down to a #1 or even probably a top ten unless it's broken into sections - then maybe I'll have a glimmer of a chance.

Posting some random bookish favorites, not all necessarily books.

Favorite Bookish-Related Website: Goodreads
Favorite of my E-Readers: Kindle Paperwhite 4
Favorite NEW Discovered long-running UF Series: Jane Yellowrock by Faith Hunter
Favorite M/M PNR UF Series: Beacon Hill Sorcerer by S.J. Himes
Favorite Small-Kid Childhood Memory Book: The Monster at the End of the Book
Favorite older kid Children's Book: The Family Under the Bridge
All-Time Favorite Mystery: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Favorite Detective: Hercule Poirot

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Wednesday, 5/15/2019

Books Read: Murder Can Ruin Your Looks, The Devil Inside, Bundle of Trouble
Total Books Finished Today: THREE
Pages: Didn't count

Finally finished not only one of the books, but three - go me!

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Thursday, 5/16/2019

Books Read: How to Walk Like a Man
Total Books Finished Today: 0

Today was a mini-breather. I got caught up in work, then brought my mother out for a late Mother's Day dinner, then some unwinding. Wasn't up to prompts or themes. I will have more energy and motivation once Saturday morning hits. Thursday and Friday prove to be busy.

Friday, 5/17/2019

Books Read: 0
Total Books Finished Today: 0
Pages: 0

Here I am being a bit slow and not in the mood for the prompts!  I had a busy day - work and went to friends for swimming after work, didn't get home until midnight. Then checking on the computer, my mom scared me half the death peeking in my window outside to get my attention. Fun times :/

Saturday, 5/18/2019

Books Read: Moonlight Magic by K.R. Alexander
Total Books Finished Today: 1
Pages: 246

I meant to start this on on Friday night but TV and computer got in the way by the time I got home late. This is my favorite Reverse Harem romance series and the book was just released. Depressing thought there is only one left. 10 book series is generous, but there's so much that still needs to happen with their group. Argh, and a cliffhanger!

Sunday, 5/19/2019

Books Read: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Total Books Finished Today: 1
Pages: 420

The book was a five star and worthy of its reputation. I wanted to read all day and a lot this weekend but again kept getting distracted. Once I got into this one it was hours to the finish line, finished slightly after midnight, then bed. 5 star book.