The Immortal by Christopher Pike

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Josie is on vacation in Greece with her father, his new girlfriend, and her best friend. While visiting the sacred island of Delos, she accidentally stumbles upon an artifact-a tiny statue of a Goddess. Immediately Josie is enchanted by the statue and she takes it with her when she leaves the island.

Then the trouble starts. A guy takes her for a boat ride and she is almost killed. Then the image of the Goddess begins to haunt her dream. The goddess wants something from Josie that she doesn’t want to give.

The immortal wants to be mortal.

The Goddess wants Josie’s life.

Christopher Pike may have written Young Adult catered fiction in the 80’s, but he didn’t shy away from the controversial, sexy stuff in every book. For The Immortal, the main character admits fish make her horny in a funny scene and wants to get it on more than once. She and her friend look forward to island “romance” during their vacation, and both dated the same guy in the past. So yes, not PG rating for this one, which is another reason Pike always rocked with his books.

It’s a story that starts with a completely different story than it finished with. Not just that, but it starts with an unlikable protagonist and then twists that at the end again like a reverse mirror. You’d wonder why an author would give such an unlikable character as the main, but this becomes a part of the plot later.

I guarantee you won’t be able to guess all that becomes involved and the ending of this one, which shows why Christopher Pike still remains one of my favorite writers. The imagination is incredible and the writing style excellent.

Even so, since I didn’t like the main character and the first part of the story wasn’t as complicated as it became later, it wasn’t my favorite of Pike’s books – but it was still a great one I will remember fondly.

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