Early Chapters: Sapphire Flames

The Sneak Peak for "Sapphire Flames"
Hidden Legacy Series
Urban Fantasy 

If you haven't read Rogan and Nevada's story in the first three books of the Hidden Legacy series - stop what you're doing right now and fix that. Seriously. Because that is one of the best PNR series out there.

Not everyone was thrilled about a new point of view coming into the picture via her sister, but I'm intrigued about Catalina's powers and I'm just happy the series isn't ending. Plus, Ale

Ilona Andrews generously releases teaser chapters - this time we get a few to enthuse over before the release date of the full book on August 27, 2019.

Early Chapter Releases

Chapter One

This is a rewrite. In the original it was the father who went with Augustine and convinced Catalina, and the mother was alive and tearful. They were also a black family if I recall, and it seems they are now white from the child's description. In the original it was because he was being bullied at school and that the father still though it was a good school, but Catalina thought to herself how Rogan's eyes hardened when the school was mentioned in his own past. It was a pretty big rewrite, including the end with the child and what is to be done with him. I think the author's added in now that she can purge her magic from the child.

Ah, now I remember Runa! It is explained. I was wondering who she was from all the snippets.

I liked the original version better but I'm assuming it's changed for the plot, so it's understood to be necessary.

The original chapter can be found as a Deleted Scene (linked below)

Chapter Two

First time reading this. Was a lovely and well done chapter where the case is "Opening". There's mainly talking so I won't give details, but it's done in a way that's convincing and sympathetic. Can't wait for the book's August release!


This one is very brief about telling someone named Celia is lying about cooperating. I have a feeling from other snippets and sneaks that she can also cause others to tell the truth much like her sister, and that is what will happen next due to the last line for the snippet.

This one is also very short. The snippet shows Catalina cooks when she's nervous and links to a recipe for an Apple Pithivier.

This seems like at the beginning of the book where again Runa is talking to Catalina and the hero of the story (I hope), Alessandro, is the focus. It seems before they reunited. Funny snippet scene. Can't wait for the book!

A snipped showing Catalina facing off with the sergeant and showing her backbone. The question is, does she hold a unique voice from Nevada and stand as her own character? I shall see and know once the whole book has been read.

Shows a phone conversation between Catalina and Alessandro where he is warning her off. Runa again plays a part. This one has humor.

Deleted Scenes

This was the original version of chapter one. It has changed quite a bit, including the family, the reasons of the suicide attempt, the powers of the family.

Grandstanding with the sergeant. A well done scene but it must have been cut for time or a change of story.