The First Day of the Last Week of October

Just a quick, jabbering update related to the end of the one of the best months of the year - October. *hats off to you.*  Despite the heat being miserable in Florida (90 yesterday, really?), I'm feeling the love of the season. I indulged finally in a pumpkin latte, have some pumpkins and gourds randomly tossed in my yard, took a Mystery themed photoshoot Saturday night, did the Sir Henry's Haunted Trail this month, and have been slowly reading the horror and fall related themes.

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All of this relates to the Halloween related events I try to do on the website in time and rarely do, that I call - with little originality- Hallow-reads.

Also kudos to the fun R.I.P. Challenge that I join in on - find out more about that here if you haven't heard of it before.

On the Book front -

I'm trying to get three anthologies done this week. This is likely not to happen, but I seem to try every year. I can't blame the anthologies though because they're epic.

I keep trying to rent Crawl with my parents because rampaging alligators are a movie theme I fully support, but the timing hasn't lined up yet. This movie shall be seen soon, mark my words. I've been saying that awhile already, but still.

Non-Halloween related, I finish Downton Abbey this month - it was a constant watch of that show from start to finish. It's nifty I became a fan of the show right when the movie is being released in theater. So happy to hear Thomas will be finding a happy ending. :)

I watched one of my favorite horror movies recently, John Carpenter's The Thing. This claustrophobic ambience binge just never gets old. I plan to read the classic novel someday but I've heard mixed....things. Either way, the movie is a perfect example of sci-fi meets horror, snow-wilderness meets creepy, well done cast and well done music and well done director meets movie bliss. I ramble, but it's true.

And seriously - I didn't realize until now how bad-ass the trailer is. Despite loving trailers of favorites, I don't think I've seen this one until today.

I did finally watch what's out so far for the new season of AHS. I say "meh" so far. Not impressed. I love the horror 80's hype, the slasher craze of my generation, and adore the camp thing -- but really, "meh" with the results. A shame since last season was actually one of the best since the first, Murder House. I'm not having high hopes it will keep improving but we'll see. At least it's not horrible, and it does bring back to mind Jazzercise, Jane Fonda, Aerobic workout videos, big hair, and that whole 80's vibe.

I did also do a half-rewatch of Critters, which I grew up on and will always have a soft spot for. If you ever have the cheap DVDS, the menu's for this and Critters II are a hoot. Sound effects, moving critters, the giant critter ball (epic) are a delight. Or else I'm just that much of a dork with some things, either way. Critters while reading on the couch and snacking = fun.

Sometimes it's the little things in life.

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