2020 New Years Bookish Resolutions

2020 New Year's Resolutions

I'm not the biggest on resolutions in general, but I can't help setting them.

Every year with books, this site, I found ways I want to keep improving or growing.

I've found it helpful to see reading trends and patterns on my ever-changed Book Spreadsheet of Doom

My 2019 End of The Year Survey Wrap-up is not progress yet (Perpetual Page Turner hasn't published yet, so I'm not as far behind as I feared either!)  It will come eventually, one of my favorite end of the year activities to do.

Now, without further ado....

1. Read more books. I don't mean read more in general, I mean read more of books I have donning the bookshelves and covering the house. I read mainly e-books last year, but I have so many paperbacks waiting to be read.

2. Read more non-fiction. I have many biographies, books about books, Christian books, herbals, and non-fiction I need and want to read. I keep never getting to them. I need to focus more on that this year.

3. Be more consistent on this website. I have been lax the past two years. Get more of those articles finished, more features consistent, more reviews steadily up. Which brings me to....

4. Catch up on reviews! I'm so behind, it's awful. I need to get into a routine again and not have so much time lapse in between.

5. Make a Google spreadsheet of books I have to be read. to be a companion to my main Spreadsheet of Doom list. This will back up the reading list and help me organize.

6. Get more organized on Calibre with physical library to match the E-book library.

7. Read a few classics.

8. Read some more vintage mysteries.

9. Read more Gothic fiction. 

10. Step back on individual challenges and focus more mainly on team challenges.

What about everyone else? Any particular New Years Resolutions you have set reading wise?

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