January Releases I'm the most excited about

January New Releases I'm Excited For

January has several good books coming out, but my pocketbook isn't able to afford them all at once. No matter, eventually these shall all be mine. I hope!

I loved One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus enough for it to make my top five list of favorite YA books of all time. I also enjoyed, to a lesser degree but still worthy, her other novel Two Can Keep a Secret. One of Us is Lying was a cross between The Breakfast Club meets locked room mystery meets excellence.  I'm not sure where the sequel can go but I'm all set to get on board that mystery train and hope it's just as good as the first. It's not in my grubby hands yet, but soon.

If you haven't started The Guild Codex series by Annette Marie yet, and you're a fan of Fantasy and UF, then you're missing out and need to remedy this. The offbranch series in the same universe I may like even better, The Guild Codex: Demonized. I'm still waiting for the next one in that child series, but in the meantime Druid Vices and a Vodka continues with Tori expanding her relationship with Ezra and getting into all kinds of mischief.

I'm delighted that Jordan Castillo Price has continued her long-running and highly enjoyed Psycop series too. It seemed like it had a finale book but then more kept coming, and the series is still running just as strong through it's changes. Vic is unique, the world-building is intriguing, the romance is stylishly hot, and the paranormal "cop" world is edgy.

I have a confession: I'm about a book behind on Ilona Andrews epic fantasy sci-fi series, but I'm planning to catch up and continue. Sweep with Me is a novella in between the fourth and fifth novels.

The Locust Job is the 9th book in the excellent and unusual Daniel Faust series, which the author generously provides the full series on Kindle Unlimited. I was turned on to it by fans of the series who I'm in Goodreads groups with, and all I could say when I started the series last year: why did I wait so long to start? I liked the earlier books a bit better, but it's still one of the best series around.

I've always been a fan of the Cassandra Palmer series, even if I have some gripes on it. I have to grab the last book which was released last year toward the end of the year still, after waiting years in between I can wait a bit longer. I need to get back into that world, I'm hoping the series continues strong. On the plus side the page count is usually large so there's a lot to action-packed adventures to enjoy in each volume.

Murder at Pirate's Cove is the first in a new series by Josh Lanyon - M/M Mystery. The Adrien English series is one of my favorite of all time, and  I also enjoy her novels with the mystery writer Kit. Some of the books she writes aren't my cup of tea by theme, but this one returns to the same feel possibilities for me since this new MC will be part of a failing bookstore in a small town. The series called Secrets and Scrabble is already set to release follow-up sequels - can't wait.

I only read the first book in the Miss Peregrine series, another I mean to get back to, but it's a worthy release to mention here for fans of the series.

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