#24in48 - Social Distancing Edition (March 21-22)

If you're not familiar with the 24in48 Read-a-thon, it takes the concept of the 24-hour readathon but breaks it up into two day chunks to make it more manageable. You can choose to do most of your reading on Saturday and take it easy with a few hours on Sunday, split it twelve hours both ways, or just random chunks of 4 hours. As long as it reaches a 24 hour total from 12:00 am Saturday morning until midnight Sunday night EDT, you're all accomplished and set.  Check the official website out for more details, merch, facts, and sign-ups.

24in48 was cancelled at the beginning of the year, but hosts decided to bring it out of retirement with so many under containment right now due to the Coronavirus taking most of the world by storm.
This read-a-thon will be hosted this upcoming weekend, March 21 and March 22, and has been named "#24in48 - The Social Distancing Edition".  

Besides the Twitter and Instagram tag as the usual #24in48, there is a new tag for this one specifically, #StayHome24in48, and the longer tag that some use, #24in48 Readathon

I hope others join in. Not sure about anyone else, but I've been in a small reading rut and welcome the distraction and excitement of a read-a-thon about now. Something to look forward to for the weekend to combat how wearisome the outside world has become lately.

2020 has definitely not been a good start to the year in general, let's hope it starts improving later!
I haven't done a blog post with details on a read-a-thon for awhile, but I miss it and want to go all out for this one again, bringing out the trusty spreadsheet to help, updating here, taking pictures, tweets - it will be a fun distraction that is long overdue.

I had great fun again this year - I didn't get in a full 24 hours, more like 11, but it was fun times to be had regardless.

I had to goof off and start the day with using up the rest of my "bath milk" and taking a photo of the bath donuts and my new soaps, Cinnamon Roll Bun and Banana Bread. So much food related for bath time reading.

Starting with a bath was pleasant - although it was during the day and a bit too hot to stay in that long.

This was a great one from Silver Shamrock. It was dark and almost depressing but the somber tone fit the horror story of this small, twisted town that is heavy on the prison population and work force. Also, something supernatural in force? Riveting and hard to put down.

By the way, there was a fail with doing a new Twitter tag, so much so that the hosts ended up scrapping the #StayHome24in48. Everyone kept using it for everything else and it was hard to scroll and find book related prompts at all.

I got a little reading done of this one - K.F. Breene has some fun series, and I've been excited about starting this new one.

I also read a bit of this one on My Kindle Fire. I love the movie but the book itself was inconsistent for my enjoyment. Ended up with 3/5


This was a fun one. Kindle Unlimited has a lot of retro books from my childhood that I recently discovered thanks to a Goodreads friend. I plan to read most of the ones available. I don't think I read this one when it was out as a teen. It's a worthy retro read, as is Uncle Vampire that I ended up reading the following week.

As always, my laziness continues.

I did some audiobook switch for Neil Gaiman's Ocean ath the End of the lane and for a walk outside. It was a change from my light reading on Sunday to finish up the weekend.

I read a little of a few, and finished 2. Overall another fun weekend. Until the next one...


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