Magical Readathon 2020 / OWLS - Introduction & Tracking Post


I'm finally joining in on this year - hoping I can catch everything in time when it starts, which was the issue the last two years. 😧 Honestly I've probably missed something already, but oh well! I do what I can with my weird attention span.

 To pass the readathon, you will have to get your OWL in 2 subjects. This will get you at the Acceptable level. Six books will get you an Exceeded Expectations, where 9 will get you an Outstanding.

Twitter and Instagram Tag: #magicalreadathon2020

From the website 

Wizarding Careers Guidebook

Master Reading Form (to submit the reads once you finish, for total page count!)


Keeping Track of Progress Here for Each of my "Studies"

Ancient Runes 
✔️ Arithmacy - Giving Chase (Erotica is not a favorite genre, don't like it much)
✔️ Astronomy- Rising from the Depths (The Kraken #5) by Tiffany Roberts
Care of Magical Creatures
✔️ Defence Against the Dark Arts - Snow by Carolyn B. Cooney
✔️ Divination - Slumber Party by Christopher Pike
✔️ Herbology- Indian Prince's Hidden Son by Lynne Graham
✔️ History of Magic - Heart of Shadows
✔️ Muggle Studies - Southern Lights by Danielle Steel
✔️ Potions - Read a book under 150 pages (Animal Farm at 128)
✔️Transfiguration - Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene

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