A brief update



 I hope this post finds any random readers well and healthy, happy during this unusual year. I've had a lot of changes myself, none of them really that bad, just different. My son has been living with my full time, I've mainly been working from home hybrid-style, and both of these have been the highlights. For sad changes, my beloved cat Kibbles had to be put to sleep due to age and severe illness.  I have for the first time burned out a bit on my frequent Goodreads postings, but have been more active on Instagram and Book Twitter. My reading has slowed significantly and my review rate has been abysmal. I haven't touched the website this year, but I still like keeping it around for the random moods and my enjoyment of it. 


It seems most attention is paid to book news, reviews, and hype through social media interaction where people can fully and easily engage - I'm not complaining about that since I'm not any different. I rarely read blogs anymore myself, finding the majority of my new books through GR and Twitter. 


I used The Paperback Stash heavily last year for Read-a-thon activity and updates. 2020 has been a mixed bag and mainly a downer in this regard. I've participated in a few fun ones --- but 23in48 cancelled their summer read-a-thon for reasons of race, The Reading Rush had major blunder controversy missteps, and the Harry Potter Hogwarts challenge I finally took the plunge on has been rewired and rerouted due to the hosts and many members disagreeing with J.K. Rowling's tweets.  When I have participated in read-a-thons, I haven't seen much point in updating on the Paperback Stash, keeping mainly to Twitter for these.


I do want to get back to posting book reviews again, and Fall is always a season I kind of crawl out underneath my rock more than normal. Something about this rainy season with it's pumpkin lattes, horror themes, and fun challenges gets me more in the mood. 

So, rambling aside, I do plan on posting more on the website toward the end of the year with horror, mystery, and catch-up themes to match the season and a few things I'm working on. Not sure if anyone will read many of these posts, if any, but I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet for reading and have no plans to stop --- even if I remain inconsistent. 


And now looks like I have to get used to blogger updates, ugh. 👀

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