Fall Read-a-thons and Events / HallowReads 2020

September / October Reading Event Announcements in one spot --- some may have their own wrap-up posts later, but it was will more likely be general update posts which include goals met as part of the "HallowReads" theme I do every time this year when the site is active. Several of these will overlap time-wise.

Twitter has fun reading challenge events for the Fall season, and most cross with instagram side prompts. As usual, I have some little personal mini-goals, we'll see how many I'll accomplish, especially with my reading mood lackluster this year compared to usual. 


I will be posting movie and tv show updates, as well as a lot (hopefully) of book reviews, both old and new, so stay tuned. Right now the definite schedule is for Halloween day look for The Halloween Tree  by Ray Bradbury and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by  Washington Irving. Otherwise the book reviews - almost all horror themed, but some cozy for the season, will be popping up to fit the genre and reading mood. 

Fall has always been my favorite reading season for all the themes and events, even if Florida doesn't get full fall weather, which is one of the more depressing facts the state owns. Still, I can pretend, and if it starts getting in the lower 80's versus the mid-90's, I'm getting pretty giddy.

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First one I signed up for is the #AmericanHorrorStoryReadingChallenge - hosted primarily on #booktube, but Twitter participants are encouraged to join in. Hosted by Pru Pruitt. LENGTH: Sept to Halloween, 2 Months to read books that fit themes.


My Choices:

#LostAndBoundBks #readathon 

Host Twitter Page: LostAndBound
"Camping Trip" 23-30 of September - ONE WEEK

TBR To be decided/announced and read by mood

The "Who ate the last marshmallow?" being an apocalypse theme cracks me up. 
PROGRESS UPDATE: This one has now concluded. I had a lot of fun, but only finished four books. Still, got to participate in a live campfire read-a-long, chat, collage crafts, and other challenges - great group of people, will definitely join in again next year. 

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon

One of my favorite events. This time we will get to have the read-a-thon October 24, 2020, EST Start time 8:00 am, the weekend before Halloween this year.

πŸŽƒ Host Website
This year they have a Reddit community page also created here 

SBOOKTOBER Halloween Party

MONTH-LONG Read-a-thon with fun events, themes, photo challenges, movie nights, etc. They have an accompanied account for the movie theme that I'll also be participating in.

Click on the images to enlarge and see more details (and links)

Host Video Announcement

Planned TBR To Match Theme



October 19-31, 2020
Through Reading, Watching, or Doing Something that matches the "bingo" theme - such a hobbies or taking pictures

Weekly Event Schedule


Month-long, Sept 30 - October End

πŸŽƒ 30th Sept/1st Oct: Midnight Live Q&A and Read In!
πŸŽƒ Wednesday 7th: "Scavenger Hunt" challenge
πŸŽƒ Wednesday 14th: Murder Mystery Party
πŸŽƒ Wednesday 21: Vampire Quiznight
πŸŽƒ Wednesday 29: Cosplay Crafts
πŸŽƒ Every Saturday is a "read-in" 
Planned TBR



Host Twitter Account

Instagram Main Account with Hosts

 Instagram Main Hashtag

 For the full month of October, a read-a-thon with 8 prompts, videos, random check-ins.

 Weekend Long Read-a-thon for Halloween Weekend, October 30 to November 1 (Fri-Sun)

 This works well because the 24-Hour Read-a-thon from Dewey is the weekend before. Ending Halloween on a 3 day readathon? Perfect.



Tweet Hashtag and Instagram Tag - #horrorreadathon
25th - 31st October, week-long read-a-thon that concludes on Halloween night
Google Doc with events/plans - the graphics they came up with are great.
 Announcement Video

 ~ prompts ~ 
πŸŽƒBook with creepy setting 
πŸŽƒBook by a poc author 
πŸŽƒA children's horror
πŸŽƒA recommended horror
πŸŽƒA horror manga/graphic novel
 ~ Netflix party ~ Saturday 24th october - 7pm bst start a quiet place or Birdbox or Annihilation
 ~ daily challenges on twitter and instagram ~
 ~ Halloween party live show ~ saturday 31st october - 8pm bst start Games, giveaways & end party 
(Prize: Goosebumps set)
Are you participating in anything fun this Fall season book-wise?

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