Current Anthologies Reading/ TBR For HallowReads2020

 As I've mentioned a few times, I'm reading or plan to read several anthologies this month. Too many, and I doubt I'll get to all of them, but it will be fun to try. Most of these aren't long, some under 200 pages, with exceptions like King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes, October Dreams, and Midnight in the Graveyard. A good thing is I've already made progress on a few of these before October started.


Worst Laid Plans is an anthology related to Vacations - I'm sure there's plenty of those, as those of us who have had screwed up family holidays probably already do.  Released July 2020 by Grindhouse Press. I'm not familiar with most of the authors. Fourteen stories, 14 authors, 184 pages. $3.99 E-Book


It Came From the Multiplex is an 80's themed with an excellent cover. Seems to also be fourteen stories, at 197 pages. The publisher for this one is Hex Publishers, released September 2020. $2.99 E-book


Lost Highways is about the road and varied - I've started this one already and am loving it.  I'm familiar with several of these authors. 372 pages makes this a larger one, published July 2018. Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing.


Leaders of the Pack - A Werewolf anthology! This one is fun. 12 stories, many authors' well known, many of these stories tying into larger and existing novels from these authors such as Jeff Strand and David Wellington. 246 pages of shapeshifter fun. Publisher: Horrific Tales Publishing, January 2020.


Midnight in the Graveyard - Focusing on horror with graveyards, midnight, or random - great stuff with a story by greats such as Robert McCammon,  Kealan Patrick Burke, Hunter Shea, Todd Keisling, etc. Published 2019 by Silver Shamrock. A whopping 445 pages.


Nightmares and Dreamscapes is of course a large anthology by Stephen King that is one of his earliest. All stories are by the horror master himself.

The below are all Halloween and seasonal themed/related. 


Ronald Kelly's The Halloween Store features short stories from the author involving tales of Hallows' Eve.  Seven tales and two essays at 135 pages total. Released by Crossroad Press in 2020.


Ronald Kelly's Mister Glow-Bones and Other Halloween Tales is an older one from the author with the same theme for Halloween short stories. 91 pages, released in 2014 by Crossroad Press.


October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween was released to great acclaim in 2000. There have been other parts released since. Has greats such as Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Poppy Z. Brite. Stories, fiction, essays, non-fiction. Prices vary but the physical copies are rather high right now due to popularity and availability. A giant 656 pages, released by Ace.


All five of the Halloween Carnival are short anthologies with various authors, all around the season, released by Cemetary Press. Very affordable and lots of fun, most are a little shy of 200 pages, but feature authors that are well known for horror readers such as Robert McCammon, Kelley Armstrong, Michael McBride, Ray Garton, and Peter Straub. Each volume has around five stories total.


Are you reading anything fun anthology-wise for the 2020 Fall Season?

Happy Hallow-Reads 2020

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