Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon 2020 (HallowReads Edition)

It's that time of year again. The Dewey's twice of a year regular read-a-thon. Having the second of the year in October is a treat for multiple reasons. 


Start time for me: 8 am (I rarely start on time -- night owl here)


Aiming at least 15-16 hours of reading (between audio and physical, we'll see!)

 Hope others join in and have fun!

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Overall I did well and read more than usual, audiobooks included of course. I just can't seem to start reading early in the day for some reason.

Bumping this up because I have finally updated.

   Morning Hours

Surprisingly I started at 8:15. If you've ever followed my previous Read-a-thons for this, you'll know I generally choose to sleep in, sometimes to a ridiculous degree, but this time I started in time with a nap in mind. Now, that's not to say I was ready to whip out the physical reading just yet.

I started brewing the coffee and sat down to start the updates and audiobook on Twitter, which is part of the fun.

To my surprise I did not eat all morning, not hungry at all, so planned breakfast plans were kind of out the window by that point.

My plan was to go through some Children's based audiobooks for several reasons. One, long audiobooks for read-a-thons feel like I'm not making progress since I rarely finish them that day. Two, it was a fun mood with these well-done and light books for the audio for the Halloween season. Three, I wanted to get some done for a Goodreads based challenge that is year long that I'm behind on with "Game Night" group. I'm so complicated.😖


 It was a great start with the prompts and I did a few of the Instagram Photo starts. I had fun browsing the computer and listening to the audio.

8:30 - Started Stay out of the Basement by R.L. Stine, finished at 11:07.  This was going off the basis of waking at 8:15, starting audio at 8:30, doing computer updates and Steam video games to wake up and continue the relax mode until 11:07 am.

Energy? Wasn't something I was feeling. At all.

By this point I had finished the audio. I "clocked out" to say I was going to take a 30 min to hour nap to try to revive myself (my energy was lackluster) and I was getting tired already.




Here's what really happened instead: 

  • Laid down at 11:30 to plan for 30 minutes to  an hour of sleep. Yeah, right.
  • Despite being tired, I could not fall asleep for at least 45 minutes.
  • I looked up at one point out of a mild sleep and found both cats sharing my pillow and knocking my head to the end and pillow leftovers.
  •  I finally got up around 2:00, longer than I figured, but I ended up getting in 30 minutes of sleep divided within those 2 hours. Fun stuff.


Of course now time for more coffee.


   Afternoon Hours

At 2:00 I went on an afternoon walk around my neighborhood to wake up. It turned out to be fun and mildly windy. I walked to the lake and actually saw an alligator floating around, which was not common for me (I rarely find the things). I definitely win with exotic read-a-thon companion this time =)

I did this with starting the audiobook rental from Scribd for "The Only Good Indians"

It was nice to walk and, while hot, the wind was helpful. I meant to originally do a morning walk, but it was postponed and helped wake me up from my oddball nap.


I came back and took a quick shower, finally ate that breakfast of sausage with maple syrup, some scrambled eggs, and biscuits. All while listening to audiobook. The time for ending all this was 3:45.

From 4:20 to 7:00 I laid on the couch, read and finished On Writing by Stephen King. It was a re-read and I highly recommend it. Half Stephen King's life, half useful writing tips. 

My mom listened to me this time and brought me mercy dinner food instead of me going over there to eat. Sipping on coffees, eating a homemade sub, reading, this is the life.

   Evening Hours

Starting at 7:00 after finishing the physical book, I played another Goosebumps audio book, this time Deadtime stories, The Beast of Baskerville. I did this while being on the computer with updates until 9:30, audiobook finished.

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16th hour of #readathon #deweysreadathon Drinking Amaretto coffee and about to finish last two stories of The Halloween Store by Ronald Kelly.

A post shared by Erin@Paperbackstash (@paperbackstash) on

I switched to reading on the porch for evening reading with the cats laying on me on the couch, and reading Ronald Kelly's anthology, The Halloween Store. I also finished up the small sampler of Amaretto Coffee from Little Shop of Horrors. Was delicious. Thanks to my friend for gifting this. 


After a brief break, at 1:00 am, I took a "book bath" and dug into my favorite romance series by Josh Landon, The Adrien English series. This is my third time re-reading it. This time it was the book in the series, The Dark Tide


I got up and out of the bath after two hours of reading at 3:00 am. At 3:20 I did a computer break with more of the audio of The Only Good Indians until I went to bed at 5:00 am. 

I was pretty tired by this point but think this is the longest I've held in there. 



My last Tweet Update:

I'm caving with 2 hours left for the #readathon. It's 5 am and my eyes are heavy. Progress overall: 4 books completed, 9 chapters of another audio completed, and 50% of a 6th book completed. 17 1/2 hours with reading, so I'm pleased with my progress. Had fun. Until next time

 It was a lot of fun, FAST as always, and a big success. Hope others joined in and enjoyed themselves.

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