HallowReads 2020 Recap 1

 So far it's been a fun fall season with movies, tv shows, and some books. October 1st just passed, which means I am now starting the month-long read-a-thon themes for #Gothtober and #Sbooktober.
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The American Horror Story Reading Challenge continues throughout Halloween and started at the beginning of last month. Sept 30 was the final day of the week-long "virtual camping" event #LostAndBoundBks - that was a lot of fun to be had. Virtual campfire read-a-longs (got to participate in one before mom brought over a lost kitten that I have now taken into my home and named Darius, a collage of book recommendations, and random daily chats and reading sprints.


My TBR piles can be found in respective Twitter pages but I plan to read more than these books, and also to change at will if it's needed.


 I've been watching more Booktube than normal to see everyone's TBR and reading plans, also with a read-a-long challenge theme for the beginning of Gothtober. Ah, October, such a fun month.


Movie-wise it's been fun as well. For TV shows I have watched the full season of Hulu's hosted Castle Rock Season 2. While the first season was enjoyable, albeit confusing, the second second was even better. Following an earlier Annie Wilkes before she becomes the monstrous nurse who stalks Paul Sheldon, in the town of Jerusalem's Lot with its bizarre backstory. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.


I forgot how fun The Lost Boys was - my son and I watched this classic in the living room with the volume turned up to catch those terrific songs such as Cry Little Sister and People are Strange. A favorite vampire classic, which put us in the mood to also rewatch the classic 80's horror flick, Fright Night. While it was never my plan, we went ahead and tried the remake for Fright Night too just to see, and it wasn't half bad. It lacked cheesy charm of its 80's predecessor, but it was a fun-filled time to see some of the humorous changes. 


I also rewatched Jeepers Creepers 2 the other day - while I disliked the first, and the third, I find the second well done for a slasher type and have watched it about four times now.


I tried watching some classic Simpsons Bart's Treehouse of Horrors episodes last night. I couldn't really get into any of them (sadly). Sometimes memories don't live up to expectations. Not the case when I rewatched some Halloween specials from Roseanne though, all those still live up to my memories of how funny they were.


Finally I have watched John Carpenter's They Live - I've only owned the movie about 15 years and never watched it. 😝 Relevant in ways to our society today, without the imposters - I think. I don't have the glasses to double-check. Or the bubblegum. 3/5 stars


I also rewatched the classic Jeff Goldblum as The Fly - such a gross movie, but it was a good rewatch since it's been at least 10 movies since I've seen it, and the Howard Shore score is one of my favorites. I only wish the movie had played more of my favorite intense score scenes. 


I tried some episodes of Little Fires Everywhere -  on episode 4. I'm not getting into it as much for some reason. I adored Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies; she's great here, too, but there's something about the show that isn't fully catching me. I'll probably go back to it later.


Reading-wise, I'm still working on multiple horror anthologies, re-reading the Adrien English mystery romance series by Josh Lanyon again, and taking October themed book related instagram pictures. Those pictures when come up when the book is finally read and reviewed. 

 September 23-30 was 


#LostAndBoundBks - see more at announcement graphic below for Hallowreads

 I had a lot of fun with the "camping event" --- live video read-a-long with short stories, collage and crafts, and finished four books that week, as well as progress on a few others I didn't fully finish.

 Finished: The Midwives by Duncan Ralston, A Dangerous Thing by Josh Lanyon, A House by the Sea by Ambrose Ibsen. The Midwives and A House by the Sea also worked for American Horror Story Reading challenge.


 I hope everyone else has a fun October and that your start has been as enjoyable as mine has.

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