About Me and Review Policies

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Genres I like - and all those extra details

General Information

The Paperback Stash was created February 2007.

No information collected through any communication will be shared for spam, solicitation purposes, or any reason not stated in advance. On this website I often provide links, references, and pictures to other websites. I cannot guarantee the age level or content of anything they have posted in the past, present, or future.

I try to read a variety of genres. I'm a paranormal fan and series junkie, so you'll see a lot of that here especially. More information can be found on the Genres I Like page.

I also review on Goodreads.  ARC sources include Netgalley and First to Read.

I can't stand literary elitism, genre/book snobbism. Be open to ideas, accept differences in other readers, and don't limit yourself.

My reading tastes are all over the place, from the serious and life-changing stories to the light, quirky ones. Interesting plots are important, but I'm more character-orientated.

Copyright, Quotes, Plagiarism

Do not take any reviews, articles,  or other information from this website without permission. Short quotes from reviews or written content on the site may be used as long as credit is given for the content. I'm not picky about this stuff, so just ask.

What I accept for Review

Right now I am not accepting books for review due to a backlog.

Please use the contact me on the website to submit a review request for consideration (if I list I am currently accepting reviews.)

General Acceptance: I will accept completed ARC's or already published works. I do not offer beta reading services.

Genres Considered for Review: Urban Fantasy, Horror, Thriller/Suspense, Mystery, Drama, select Children and Young Adult.

Genres Not Currently Considered for ARC Review: Romance, Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Nonfiction

Age Groups Considered for Review: Adult, Young Adult, Middle School Age.

Formats Accepted: Physical or Digital Copies. Digital copies must be in .mobi or .pdf format (that is compatible with Kindle). I can accept the copies through e-mail if I respond with interest in reviewing the book, or requesting through Netgalley by author/publisher request.

Formats Not Accepted: Audiobook

If there is a time limit for the review (such as an ARC before publication date), please be sure to include that in the initial contact message so I can make allowances for the deadline before approving. If for some reason I cannot finish your book, I will contact you and will not put up a review or rating.

All reviews will be posted on my website, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Quotes from my reviews can be used for promotional purposes.

Non-Review Items Accepted: Cover Reveals, Guest Posts (such as author recommended lists, etc.), Giveaways, Promotional Events (for books I've read or have interest in),

How I Review

When reviewing books, all go under some of the basic guidelines -- coherent and interesting plot structure, not boring, not melodramatic, character richness and depth, focus and pacing.

Reviewing becomes individualized when spliced into genre - with horror it would be focusing on gore/violence/creepy level, for romance it would be on uniqueness/character interaction/sexual level more, graphic novels would include viewpoints on artwork and continuity, biographies on in-depth details, etc.

This website does feature adult content since I review many adult books, where the reviews need mentioning on the sexual content for paranormal romance and romance...and for horror and suspense the gore/violence level. For Young Adult books I do mention and warn if there is anything risque in them or any sexual levels (drug abuse, etc.) since that is more applicable for that genre age.

More information

FTC Disclaimer

If I review a book I have received for free, I do so with an honest review and no monetary exchange. I will note on the review if the book was received from the author in exchange for a review.

Graphics and Web Design

Several graphics have been purchased through image stock companies. Vector Images and Art - Not a free source - Vectors purchased through vector and design websites. Do not copy or grab the graphics that have been purchased. Genre tags that are in reviews have been purchased from Parajunkee. Special Social Networking Icons - Electric twitter bird from the talented arrioch. Hover image manipulations and coding done for each social graphic was done by me. Photography used from free resource sites with permission. Genre buttons are made by me using badgemaker.com.  Thank you! If this changes or if there is an issue, please contact me.