Horror Corner

Horror was my favorite genre growing up. Unfortunately I didn't review in my teenage years (my review count would be much higher now if I had!), but I did focus on horror reviews in my early twenties.

Before The Paperback Stash was born, I reviewed for a friend's horror website, Castle Dracula, and then for yet another organization called Horror-Web. Eventually I got tired of feeling pressure to read and review only one genre, plus the obstacles of limiting my creativity and direction by being under other websites' restrictions, so in a sense I owe to the genre that The Paperback Stash was created in the first place.

While I read and review it less now, it still remains one of the most commonly reviewed genres and something I continue to find fascinating books in.

I prefer the Psychological and Supernatural plotlines and am not a big fan of the shock-fest or blood/gore books, although some of them are also well-done and I give almost everything a try.

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Reviews Total:  Horror (159) and Suspense (38)

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Most Reviewed Horror Authors 

Clive Barker - 5
Robert Bloch - 7
Ruby Jean Jensen - 5
Stephen King - 15

Dean Koontz - 7
Bentley Little - 5
Graham Masterton - 4
James A Moore - 5

Most Reviewed Horror YA/Children Authors 

R.L. Stine - 5
Darren Shan - 22
Christopher Pike - 15

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