The Epic Otherworld Series

Women of the Otherworld

Women of the Otherworld is an Urban Fantasy series featuring werewolves, witches, half-demons, sorcerers, necromancers, and vampires. The fascinating series starts in 2001 with Elena accepting her destiny as the only living female werewolf in Bitten, which was made into a TV show suitably named "Bitten." The series is unique because it tells differing points of views over several novels from different characters, but they all merge together. There are short stories and novella's through men's point of view.

Novels, Novellas, Short Story Collections, and Stories in the series

The story bank is enormous - from 13 novels, to novellas, to short stories, to short stories collections. Most series have a short story of two but the Otherworld series has the most I've seen! Several novellas over 100 pages, two graphic novels, and over a dozen short stories. Awesome. A lot of these are listed as in-betweens but some are actual novels since they go over 100 pages. You find this more at the end of the series, where it seems the author wanted to tell a story from a different character's point of view, but didn't want to invest the time of her usual 400+ page novels. If sold by themselves, those are highlighted with a yellow color.


Bitten (2001) - Elena POV
  • Truth and Consequences is a short story showing Elena leaving the pack and why (Read Free At Author's Site here)
  • Check out the 48 page graphic novel, Becoming, to show Clay and Elena first "bitten" by love
  • Check out Beginnings to see how Clay and Elena first meet (Available in Tales of the Otherworld)
  • In Men of the Otherworld, read Infusion (about Jeremy's mother), Savage (Jeremy finding Clay), Ascension (Clay's teen years)
  • Tales of the Otherworld read Birthright (about Logan ending up in Stonehaven) and Ghosts (Jeremy's POV after sending Elena and Clay to Toronto in Bitten) 
  • A short story showing Karl before the novel Bitten (Free Here)

Stolen (2002) -  Elena POV

Introduces major players Eve, The Coven, Savannah, Adam, Cassandra

  • Check out the short story Rebirth about how Aaron came to be
  • Check out Adam and his mother Talia's store in Demonology (Available in Otherworld Nights)
  • Adam and Paige are clearly friends - read this fun short story about their first spying adventure in 'The Case of the Half-Demon Spy' (Not sure where to find since author removed from site
  • Eve's story at the compound - short story available on author's site (Free here)
Dime Store Magic (2004) - Paige's POV

Includes Savannah. Introduces Lucas and Kristof.
  • Check out Bewitched, about how Kristof and Eve first met (Available in Tales of the Otherworld)
  • There's a mini short story with Lucas and Eve Levine in Expectations (Tales of the Otherworld)
Industrial Magic (2004) - Paige's POV

Includes Paige, Lucas, Savannah, Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Adam (brief), Cassandra, Aaron. Introduces the Cabal and Jaime.

  • Not sure when this is set - but check out a funny wedding for Paige in Wedding Bell Hell (Available in Tales of the Otherworld)
  Haunted - (2005) - Eve's POV
See the Review

Includes Kristof and Savannah. 

  • Short story Adventurer about "Silent Kenneth", the shaman of the interracial council. Free Online
  • Chaotic - How Hope and Karl meet. Standalone Kindle Novella - 109 Pages  - Also published in 2016 in Otherworld Chills
  • Bargain -Xavier gets the letter from hell job short. Free Here
Broken - (2006) - Elena's POV

  • Paige and Lucas track a vampire in The Case of El Chupacabra (Tales of the Otherworld)

No Humans Involved - (2007) - Jaime's POV

  • Framed - About Nick Sorrentino who is framed and then blackmailed. Free Online
  • Twilight - Cassandra's Narration, musing on life and it ending. Short story which originally in Many Bloody Returns and was reprinted in By Blood We Live
  • Elena and Clay's Honeymoon - In Otherworld Nights and My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon. 29 Pages 
  Personal Demon - (2008) - Hope's POV
See Review Here

  • Chivalrous - About Reece - published in the Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 anthology
  • Jaime and Savannah Short. Find in Blood Lite I anthology
Living with the Dead - (2008) - Robyn's POV
  • Kitsunegari - Jamie and Jeremy Short (Find in Men of the Otherworld)
  • Zen and the Art of Vampirism - A Vampire named Zoe, 20 pages, found in Otherworld Secrets and Vampires: The Recent Undead
  • Angelic - NOVELLA - Eve (98 Pages) - Buy Individually (Mainly ebook because wow on the hardcover used price, over 50.00...)
  • 9 page short story with Zoe - Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong
  • Clay and Elena hunt a mutt, 8 Pages, originally published in SpectraPulse Magazine. Available free online
  • Written for Frostbitten, VERY short at 5 pages. Some pages on the investigation that launches Clay and Elena to travel. Available free online 

Frostbitten - (2009)- Elena's POV
  • Forbidden - Novella - Purchase separately. Retrieval job for Clay and Elena. 212 Pages
  • Lucifer's Daughter - Hope and Karl meet in this short story. Find in Otherworld Nights or Blood Lite II
  • Counterfeit Magic - 144 pg Standalone Novella -  Paige and Savannah work together on a case. Takes place right before Waking the Witch. 
  • V Plates - A short story with Nick - find in Blood Lite III
  • The Hunter and the Hunted - Short story Off Duty Angel AND Stalked (both separately released previously). 101 Page collection of the two stories. Off-Duty Angel also appears in Otherworld Chills.
  • Hidden - Clay and Elena Novella 193 pages
  • Amityville Horrible - Jaime Novella 120 pages - also published in Otherworld Chills in 2016

Waking the Witch - (2010) - Savannah's POV

  • Baby Boom is with Paige/Lucas - in Otherworld Chills (2016) 
  • Bounty Hunt is a Graphic Novel (the second) 
  • Otherworld Primer - Graphic Novel intro to series. Savannah narrates 
Spell Bound - (2011) - Savannah's POV

  • Gifted is a holiday collection - two short stories, one from Cainsville series. Gifted is a  Logan short story. It's also in Otherworld Chills
  • Expiration date is a Short Story from Zoe in Otherworld Chills, called Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word"
Thirteen - (2012) - Savannah's POV

  • Short story From Russian with Love - find in Otherworld Nights and some editions of "Thirteen". Future story with Elena
  • Brazen - Nick's novel, 261 Pages - Also available in 2016 in Otherworld Chills
  • Bounty Hunt - 80 pages but only available as a standalone, so highlighting. About Reese Williams.
  • Forsaken - Elena short story
  • Driven - Elena Novel. 232 Pages

Otherworld Anthologies

 Short Stories Published in Collections Exclusively for Otherworld Series

    • Witch Magic (2004)
    • Men of the Otherworld (2009) Review Here
    • Tales of the Otherworld (2010) Review Here
    • The Hunter and the Hunter (2 Stories) (2012)
    • Otherworld Nights (2014)
    • Otherworld Secrets (2015)
    • Otherworld Chills (2016) Review Here
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