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Cover Crush: Stephen King Covers

Stephen King has been around as an author since I've been born. I remember reading The Shining in fifth grade and being enchanted by the silver cover with a featureless face.  As with most books, my preferred versions of his covers are the originals or old-school styles, most of which are displayed here. Some of the simpler wants suck out the creativity of the art, although there are exceptions.  A few books get so many cover versions it's hard to keep up with (IT, anyone), and most of them are winners without newer versions being letdowns. I'm sure there are plenty of other excellent covers not displayed here since the horror author's collection is so vast, but I'm showcasing some of my favorites below by theme. Some Creepier Favorites I have a white hardcover of Firestarter where I did an instagram photo this  year with candles. Was trying to be artsy for a book challenge, which either turns out well done or embarrassing depending on how you look at

Demon at the Window by John Quick

Cochran Investigations PARANORMAL HARD-BOILED MYSTERY Jack Cochran was actually relieved when he was fired from the TBI following one of the strangest cases he'd ever encountered. He decided to try his luck as a Private Investigator, and live out a long-time dream. What he didn't expect was that his first case would be to track down a stalker who may be an actual, birthed-from-Hell demon intent on killing his clients off one by one. This isn't the case he wanted, but it's the one he ended up with, and he can only hope to survive the DEMON AT THE WINDOW. I admit this cover drew me in when I saw it advertised by Sinister Grin Press on Twitter - it's retro-hardboiled-paranormal, so I had to check it out. I'm easy that way. But, I'm happy I'm easy and grabbed it up. Sometimes that works out. I figured it was good, but it turned out slightly better than I figured it'd be. There's something nifty about