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Dewey's Reverse Read-a-thon August 2-3, 2019

Official Start: (Eastern Time)  8 PM August 2 to End: August 3rd at 7:55 PM Personal Tracking Spreadsheet Planning at least 15 hours of reading Twitter & Instagram Hashtag: #reversereadathon    TBR Pile Selection Pool Depending on Mood    Reading Progress Friday Night, The beginning Here it is, 8 pm. Well, 8:43. I got some last minute shopping out of the way and started at 8:40. Tab on the spreadsheet is set up. Willy's Salsa, Tortilla Chips, Whipped Cream (for lattes), sodas, etc. purchased. Easy dinner for tomorrow (steak and vegetables purchased). Cat food bought to calm the beasts (aka cats). Checking social media in various spots while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the first hour. Opening Survey 1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? And what time is it where you are? Lakeland, FL - 8:46 PM 2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? This is a tough one. Not

Reading Rush July 22-28, 2019

This has been revamped by the creators. My first time participating since I don't do book videos and it was previously Youtube-centric. The new website has badges, a forum, and mini challenges. It's a week long, sounds fun! Here is the official website . They still will have their Youtube channel and videos. Twitter and Instagram tag are # TheReadingRush Weekly Challenge Prompts Time got the best of me and I only participated in one Instagram challenge. The "Floating book" on Monday View this post on Instagram Challenge Day 1: Take a photo where you make a book fly! Day 1 of #readingrush - Challenge hastag #rrflying A lot of great entrants (Much more creative than mine it seems!) I made a book "fly" in a picture I took while visiting San Francisco about a water shortage. I found this statue and the carvings in it ominous. It brings to mind reading Dry by Neal Shusterman l