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The First Day of the Last Week of October

Just a quick, jabbering update related to the end of the one of the best months of the year - October. *hats off to you.*  Despite the heat being miserable in Florida ( 90 yesterday, really? ), I'm feeling the love of the season. I indulged finally in a pumpkin latte, have some pumpkins and gourds randomly tossed in my yard, took a Mystery themed photoshoot Saturday night, did the Sir Henry's Haunted Trail this month, and have been slowly reading the horror and fall related themes. View this post on Instagram I make a creepy skeleton. #sirhenryshauntedtrail A post shared by Erin (@paperbackstash) on Oct 14, 2019 at 5:48am PDT All of this relates to the Halloween related events I try to do on the website in time and rarely do, that I call - with little originality- Hallow-reads . Also kudos to the fun R.I.P. Challenge that I join in on - find out more about that here if you haven't heard of it before. On the Book front - I'm trying

Dewey's 24-Hr Read-a-thon October 26th

Official Start: (Eastern Time)  8 AM October 26  to End: October 27 at 7:55 AM Twitter & Instagram Hashtag: #readathon This isn't going to be my usual read-a-thon because I have plans set in stone tomorrow evening. I plan to read during the day as much as possible, although it seems almost impossible for me to make the 8 am cut-off start date. Since I won't be participating much in the evening, I'm going to start early on my own tonight with some Halloween horror movies and a little of reading, and then continue on Sunday for a few hours. Sort of my own 24 in 48 readathon but half and half.    Reading Progress Well - the read-a-thon has arrived and my plans are already shot. Oh well. I don't think I will even make 10 hours this read-a-thon but oops.  I meant to get up around 9 am and read for hours, but stayed up late and did not get up until Noon. Oy vey I am trying to join the world for a few hours and listening to an audiobook th