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Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon, April 25, 2020

One good thing about this shut-down is we keep having Read-a-thons. Perfect time to do them. I'll be joining in, of course. I NEVER make the full 24 hours but I will try my best again, we'll see. The hosts have sadly announced they are moving on and relinquishing their hold on the Dewey realm, but the good news is that someone else will be covering it in the future. As always, updates will be here for tomorrow's bookish binge. I need to get some of my reading list together.

Magical Readathon 2020 / OWLS - Introduction & Tracking Post

  I'm finally joining in on this year - hoping I can catch everything in time when it starts, which was the issue the last two years. 😧 Honestly I've probably missed something already, but oh well! I do what I can with my weird attention span.  To pass the readathon, you will have to get your OWL in 2 subjects. This will get you at the Acceptable level. Six books will get you an  Exceeded Expectations , where 9 will get you an  Outstanding . Twitter and Instagram Tag: #magicalreadathon2020 From the website  Wizarding Careers Guidebook Master Reading Form (to submit the reads once you finish, for total page count!) CAREER CHOICES Keeping Track of Progress Here for Each of my "Studies" Ancient Runes  ✔️ Arithmacy - Giving Chase (Erotica is not a favorite genre, don't like it much) ✔️ Astronomy- Rising from the Depths (The Kraken #5) by Tiffany Roberts Care of Magica